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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 90 day(s)
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 12.00%
    Additional terms Note that there is a minimum advertised price(MAP) of $1400 for Relax Saunas. Commissions are denied for site which violate this policy by selling a price below the MAP. An example is by publicly posting a coupon which lowers the price below the MAP. Coupons may only be sent via private communication, for example email, in person or over the phone. Commissions paid the first of each month. We currently cannot send commissions via Paypal, due to their restrictions on selling natural supplements. Commissions are paid via Zelle(check your bank to see if you can receive Zelle payments, Here is a list Be sure to use the email address or phone associated with your Zelle account into the Zelle email of phone number field. We can also send a ACH bank transfer using your routing and account number. Please add bank information to your account. Include routing and account number to send the commission to, along with the name which is associated with your account. The other option is a check by mail. Send an email to [email protected] to notify that you would like to request check payments for your commissions. Please verify your correct mailing address is set up in your Refersion account. Minimum threshold for commission payout is $50. You can however request a discount code as commission once per month if your balance is less than $50.
    Commissions paid every month. 
    Please adhere to our minimum advertised price policies(MAP). The saunas have a MAP of $1195. Advertising or presenting the sauna publicly below this price is a violation of the MAP and can result in account disqualification. 

    Payment forms:
    We payout commissions via Zelle(instant payment available on most banks. Check your banks website), ACH(bank transfer), check or store credit. We do not offer Paypal as a form of payment. Please add preferred payment information along with account information to your account.